In case you haven't guessed, we love finding new ways to make managing your Facebook page even easier! The purpose of our tools has always been to help you save time while still being effective on Facebook.

Quick Promote lets you create and save templates for Facebook ad campaigns. In these templates, you select the audience, geographic targeting, campaign objective, spend amount, and ad duration you want -- but once they're set up, you and your team can re-use them over and over again with just a click!

This can be a great way to divide work among your team members: The person with the most Facebook ad knowledge can set everything up, and then anyone can create ads by simply applying the template when scheduling new posts.

Setting up a Promotion Template

First, we need to create a promotion template. Open Ads, found in the left hand menu. Then select Promotion Templates. In the upper right corner click the green button New Template:

To build a template, you'll pick the Facebook ad account you want the ads to connect to and the audience(s) you want to target.

Audiences can be a mix of any custom audience created and saved inside your Facebook ad account or suggested audiences based on the topics you follow under Stories.

Next, select the geographic region where you want the ad to run. Start typing the location, and suggestions will appear. Notice that you can target by regions such as neighborhood, city or congressional district.

In addition, you can choose the defaults for things like campaign objective, duration, budget, use of political disclaimers, and whether to run the ad on Instagram as well as on Facebook.

When you're done, click Create Promotion Template. You'll then see your new ad template listed on the screen.

If you want to make a change, you can edit templates at any time by clicking the Edit button.

When choosing a template, you can also tweak any settings before making it live.

Using a Template

When you promote a post, whether directly after you schedule a piece of content from your Inspiration or Stories feeds, or when you choose to boost an existing post on your page under the Timeline section of your ActionSprout account, you'll see the option to use an existing template via Quick Promote. Here we can see the new template we just created:

Of course, I can also choose to create a New Campaign or pick an Existing Campaign to use.

If you select a Quick Promote template, you'll be able to adjust the default duration, budget, disclaimers, and Instagram settings before you set the ad live.

Then just hit Create Campaign, and your ads will be built and set to run in your Facebook ad account. And that's it! Your new ad campaign is under review and will be live soon.

Working as a Team

Quick Promote templates can be a powerful tool to delegate Facebook ad creation across your the whole team, regardless of their level of experience. With that being said, the ActionSprout app always honors Facebook permissions first and foremost, meaning that if a teammate doesn't have permission through Facebook to place ads for your page, they won't be able to through ActionSprout either.

In order to place ads through or, a person must have a Admin or Advertiser role on the ad account. You can also give someone viewing only access as a Analyst.

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