Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for nonprofits to reach more supporters. One key feature is the ability to upload your own list of supporters, so that you can target them directly or find a "lookalike" audience from your data.

Lookalike audiences are potential supporters who “look like” your current supporter base (as far as the types of content they like and support). In other words, if you're reaching out to people similar to those who've enjoyed your content in the past, there's a much more promising chance you'll enlist new supporters for your cause.

At ActionSprout, our primary goal is to help you enjoy more success on Facebook, while making it easier and faster to do so. Therefore, we've created ad tools that make "Doing the right thing" or following best practices super easy and a no brainer.

Uploading a list to Facebook

To get started, log into your Facebook ads manager. Inside your account, open Audiences:

Inside of Audiences, click Create Audience in the top left hand corner. Then select, Custom Audience:

On the following screen, choose Customer list:

(The language here is clearly addressed to for-profit organziations. Nonprofits will still upload their supporter, volunteer, and/or donor lists here. As will political campaigns upload their voter lists here.)

From here, Facebook will walk you through the process of uploading the list. Once your new audience is created and ready to use, Facebook will let you know.

You can find more information on setting up custom audiences here. Please also see our post on why you can trust Facebook with this sensitive information.

Using Custom Audiences with ActionSprout ad tools

Once your new custom audience is uploaded and ready to use, come back to your ActionSprout account. There are several ways to use your new audience.

Promote high performing content

Our Posts tool is the best place to quickly see which of your Facebook posts performed the best on your page. Performance is based on engagement like, reactions, comments and shares, as well as, less visible forms of engagement, like, clicks or number of times a video is watched.

Each content card under Posts will come with a Promote button at the bottom:

This will open the following menu where you will set up your new ad and choose a custom audience to receive it. If you have saved ad templates, you'll see them listed under Quick Promote. Or you can choose to create a New Campaign or choose any Existing campaigns you may have.

After scheduling a post

Anytime you schedule a post, from anywhere inside of ActionSprout, the confirmation screen will ask if you'd also like to promote this content. To do so, simply click the Promote this post button:

This will open the standard promote post menu as see above.

After creating a new post

You can create a brand new Facebook post at the top of your Posts screen. Just click the Create post button in the upper right hand corner:

Once you're finished, and have scheduled the new post, you will once again be asked whether you would like to promote this post or not. Clicking Promote this post will open the same, standard promotion screen as above.

Wrapping up

Your cause is too important to leave to chance. With the power of custom audiences and ActionSprout's ad tools, you are sure to reach more of the right people with your message.

Have questions or what to talk through strategy? Please reach us at info@actionsprout.com

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