Have an important Social Action that you’d like to push out to a wider audience? ActionSprout can work hand-in-hand with your Facebook Ads Manager for a powerful one-two punch. By using them together, you can optimize your outreach for both Facebook and mobile, while targeting any audience you’d like to reach.

The Process 

  1. Create your Social Action and share it to Facebook

  2. Promote your Action through ActionSprout 

  3. See the results! 

Create your Social Action and share it to Facebook

If you haven't already, nows the time to create your Social Action. 

Once your action to promote, click the green share button and schedule it. Don't forget to include a message! 


Once you have hit Schedule Post, you'll find an option to Promote This Post: 

This will open the Promote Post menu, where you'll choose the Facebook ad account you’d like to use. You can choose Quick Promote, create a New Campaign, or use an Existing Campaign to promote the post:

You can find all our information on post promotion through ActionSprout here.  

Promotion under Published or Scheduled Posts

If the Action you'd like to promote is already shared to Facebook, or scheduled to do so, you can also give it a boost under the Posts section of your account:

Once again, you should see that Promote button. Click that and it will open the same post promotion menu as above. 


All Action ad data will then flow into your ActionSprout account and appear on your action’s Activity page. Open Social Actions in the left hand menu, and select the action you'd like to view results for:

This will open the following screen:

You'll also find the promoted Social Action inside your Facebook ad account itself. 

Happy promoting!

Have questions? Reach us at info@actionsprout.com 

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