As you strategize different ways to engage supporters, videos can be a highly effective way to grab attention. So how do you add a video? We're glad you asked...

To get started, open the Social Actions section of your account and either create a new action or open an existing action to edit it:

Inside the Editing menu of your action, scroll to the Image Editing section and paste in the URL for your video into the Video URL text box:

Once you're finished, make sure you click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. 

That's all there is to it!

Then, when folks go to open your action, they'll see your video right at the top, rather than a stationary image:

Please note: A featured image is still required for sharing on Facebook. ActionSprout Social Actions appear as link posts in the Facebook news feed and must contain an image. 

Then do some experimenting. Does your audience seem to appreciate videos? Or does something else tend to catch their attention? For some of our clients, videos are their most engaging tool, but it's really a matter of the audience and their (ever-changing) tastes.

Have questions? Reach us at We're always here to help!  

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