ActionSprout is a content sharing ecosystem. If you made a great piece of content you’d like to share with fellow ActionSprout users, you can submit it to Recommended Stories. You can also share awesome content made by others.

Sharing your own content is a great way to get more eyes on your work and on your Facebook Page! It will be seen by people who follow ActionSprout topics they care about, which increases the chance it will be shared to more pages across Facebook. ActionSprout users are primed to share relevant content they see in Recommended Stories, increasing your reach online organically — no ad spend needed!

All recommended stories have attribution for who recommended it, and the guidance that they have provided to accompany the story:

Getting Started

You can recommend a story one of two ways — 

One, by clicking on the suggest a story button at the top of the recommended stories section in your ActionSprout account: 

Or two, by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of any story card in the Trending Stories or Posts sections of your account, and selecting Recommend Story

A drawer will open on the right side of your screen. Let’s go through all the different sections.

If the content you’d like to share has a URL, copy and paste it into this first field. This will link to whatever content you post, whether it’s an article, image or video. You can also link to social media posts, such as a Facebook video. You can share a link to your own content or share content that you found online that you think others should see and share. 

Upload a Video or Image

This allows you to upload a video or image that is saved on your computer. 

Note: When another organization shares this video or image from Recommended Stories, it will look like they directly uploaded it to Facebook. 

If you would like more attribution for your work, consider uploading your content to a site like Facebook first, then sharing it via the Link URL option above.


Remember that dark purple text box that appears above each Recommended Story? That’s where this text will appear. This is where you let people know why they should share this story with their followers. It’s also a good place to provide additional context or a short summary of the story.

Message to be suggested when shared

This text will be available for people to copy and paste to use as their shared text when they post the content to Facebook. Keep in mind that this can be used by a variety of organizations when they share the content to their Facebook Pages. Stay broad and try not to make it specific to your own organization. Organizations can always edit your Suggested Message to add their own individual flair. Submitting a suggested message is optional, but highly encouraged.

Notes for the ActionSprout review team

If you need to let the ActionSprout team know anything about your content, leave a note here. For instance, if your submission is time-sensitive, let them know that it should be shared to the Recommended Stories feed by a certain date. Only the ActionSprout team will see these notes and they will not be published with the Recommended Story

Select the topics that are related to the content you’re submitting. When your story hits the Recommended Stories feed, it will appear in all the topic feeds you tagged. 

Some tips for writing actionable guidance

  1. Encourage people to share the story with a particular audience and why. Ex: “Share this story to help millennials understand more about the opioid addiction problems facing an older generation.”

  2. If you’re sharing something you’ve already posted, use stats from the timeline section to explain why it’s engaging. Ex: “This important story is doing 4x better than normal on our page, so you should share it.”

  3. If you are sharing something you found in inspiration or topics, reference who else is sharing it with good engagement. “This story has overperformed for CNN and Washington Post.”

  4. Be excited about the story. Ex: “OMG yes, let’s make sure more people know about this.” 

  5. Encourage people to work together. Ex: “Let us rally behind these researchers and get this information seen by more people.” 

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