To get started, log in to ActionSprout and select the Facebook Page you'd like to work with. 

Then click on Comments in the left-hand menu: 

Here you'll see all of the Recent Comments that have been made on posts on your Facebook page: 

Recent Comments 

Recent comments are from the last 7 days. Each comment comes with the following data: 

  • The name and profile image of the Facebook user who left the comment 

  • The date the comment was made 

  • A link to View Comment Thread (shows you the original post and the other comments on it) 

  • Options to Like or Hide the comment 

  • And an option to view the original post in ActionSprout -- or on Facebook by clicking the blue View on Facebook button under the post: 

Comment Tags 

The following are examples of the different tags comments can receive from ActionSprout's automated comment analyzer: 

Tags can help you quickly analyze the content of comments and zero in on ones that may need your attention. 

Remember, you can quickly Hide problematic comments without leaving the ActionSprout interface: 

Hidden comments can only be seen by the commenter and their Facebook friends -- so people won't know if you've hidden their comments. Conversely, deleting a comment from a post will permanently remove it, and while the poster won't get a notification that their post has been deleted, they may notice that it's gone if they return to the post. Please see this guide from Facebook for more information. 

Auto-Hide Comments  

To automatically hide all comments from a particular person, click on the gear icon next to their name and image: 

This will open the following menu. Click the on/off toggle button to turn on or disable auto-hiding: 

That's it. When auto-hiding is turned on, all comments from this person will be automatically hidden on your posts. 

Here's more on comment management and building your community on Facebook.

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