The ActionSprout mobile app is the perfect companion to our full web application! Now you can schedule engaging content from anywhere while on the go.
You can find it in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

The following is a video walkthrough of using the ActionSprout mobile app while finding and scheduling content to a Facebook Page. Keep scrolling to read the written directions.

The Mobile App

When you first open the mobile app, you'll see your home dashboard screen: 

Click on Stories, at the bottom of the screen, to view your mobile story feed: 

Topics & Story Feeds 

At the top of the screen, in green text, you'll see which topic you are currently viewing. Click on that text to open the topic menu and select a new topic to view stories for: 

Scroll to the very bottom of the topics menu to unfollow topics or subscribe to new ones. Just click Update your topics: 

Here you'll see a list of our popular topics, and if you keep scrolling down, you'll see categories of topics under the heading "All Topics." You can click on those categories to view the topics inside them. Check a box to follow a topic, or uncheck a box to unfollow it. Topics can be toggled on and off again at any time, with no limits. 

Sorting, Filtering & Searching 

If you go back to the main Stories section, you can click on the sorting and filtering icon in the top right corner of your screen. You can choose to View Content by Type or View Content by Source: 

View Content by Type

Here, you can choose to browse stories that have been Recommended by our staff of curators and folks working in the field. Or, browse stories that are Trending on Facebook and that are related to the topics you've selected. Or view both types at once by selecting All, resulting in a mixed story feed of Recommended and Trending content. 

View Content by Source 

Some audiences prefer different content mediums over others. If this is the case for your audience, try sorting the stories by Link posts, Image posts or Video posts. Or, just stick with All to view all sources of content together in a mixed feed. 

Have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for? Try searching for it! This is also a great way to surface local stories by searching for the name of your city, county, state, etc. To search for something, tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

To refine your search even further, use the following search functions: 

  • + signifies AND Ex: Cat + Dog. Searches for results that match both terms.

  • | signifies OR Ex. Cat | Dog. Searches for results matching either term.

  • - signifies NOT Ex. -Cat. Searches for results that do not match the term Cat. Use this to filter out some results like "climate change" -oil. 

  • " signify a PHRASE for searching Ex. "Quick brown fox". Searches for the phrase as you typed it. 

  • ( and ) signify logical grouping. In other words, an order of operations. Ex. (Cat OR Dog) AND (Bird). (Cat AND dog) OR (bird). 

  • ~N after a word or phrase signifies "fuzziness", or it will "fuzzy match" the term/phrase. Where N = the number of differences. Ex. cat~1. Can return results like cap. Cat and Cap are one letter different. N = 2 would return results 2 letters off. Please note: We don't recommend N = 5 or over.  

Sharing Stories to Facebook 

Found a story you want to publish to your Facebook page? Let's share it! 

Just click the Share button at the bottom of a story: 

This will open the following sharing menu. You'll see a place to write a message that will be shared with the post, and you'll also see some scheduling options. 

The next best posting time will always appear at the top of the list. This time is calculated based on your Facebook page metrics and is unique to you and your audience. Or you can choose to share Right away or select a Custom time to post. 

You should also see a section called See what others said about this story. This will open real examples of messages that were shared with this particular story by other Facebook pages, and you can use this as inspiration for your own message. You can copy and paste a message by clicking the green plus sign button next to the message. 

Once you're done, just tap the Schedule post button. 


Click the Calendar icon at the bottom of your screen to view your scheduled posts: 

You'll find your Current Streak and the next open date with no scheduled content: 

And that's how you use the mobile story feed! Have questions? You can always reach us at

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