When you consistently share content to your Facebook Page, you’ll increase your online presence and following — which means you’ll be able to move more hearts and minds around your cause. We’re here to help you keep up with the fast-paced world of social media with our content surfacing and sharing feature, which allows you to schedule posts quickly and easily.

To get started, select Stories from the left-hand menu:

  • Trending Stories pulls content from the Facebook Pages you follow inside of ActionSprout. These are the most popular posts from those Pages, based on engagement like reactions, commenting and sharing.

  • Recommended Stories are suggested by other organizations and people like you who care about and follow the same topics inside of ActionSprout.

Sharing a piece of content in ActionSprout is simple. When you find a Trending or Recommended Story you’d like to share to your Facebook Page, start by clicking the Share button in the lower right corner of the story: 

In Recommended Stories, you’ll find a handy tool in the Share drawer to the right side of your screen. There will be a Suggested message accompanying the content that can be used as share text when you post it to your page: 

This message was written by the person who picked and submitted the Recommended Story through ActionSprout. Feel free to use it by clicking on “Copy to Clipboard” and then pasting it into the “Your message” box below. 

You can edit the suggested message to make it specific to your organization. Or, write your own message from scratch.

Trending Stories do not include a suggested message. Fill in the “Your message” box to create your own share text for the Facebook post. Type in whatever you’d like to share with the world when you post the content to your Facebook Page:

Now that you know what you want to share, it’s time to choose when you’d like to share it.

Lucky for you, ActionSprout pulls information from Facebook, including when your supporters are most likely to be online. We share a recommended post time so you can get the reach you deserve:

If you’d like to see more options, click “optimal posting times” to see even more suggestions for times and dates that can help your post get more traction: 

Or, if you have your own post time in mind, you can use the dropdown bars underneath “Recommended Post Time” to craft a custom time and date for your post.

Once you have decided on your share text and post time, it’s all systems go! Click on the large “Schedule Post” button and ActionSprout will schedule the post via Facebook: 

Now you know how to share stories to your Facebook page and within ActionSprout. So what are you waiting for? Log into ActionSprout and start sharing!

Have questions? We're always here to help! Reach us at info@actionsprout.com 

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