The Stories section of your ActionSprout account give you the ability to search through your story feeds for things you are interested in.

It supports some really advanced search functionality that lets you find exactly what your looking for.

Boolean operators

You can use + and - to denote things you want to include or exclude in your search 

quick brown +fox -news
would return results were, fox was present, news was not present, quick and brown are optional — their presence increases the relevance. 


You can use operators such as AND, OR, and NOT to search for or exclude multiple terms. You can also group operators together using parenthesis.  
(quick OR brown) AND fox


Wildcard searches can be run on individual terms, using ? to replace a single character, and * to replace zero or more characters: qu?ck bro*

Fuzzy matches

You can search for terms that are similar to, but not exactly like our search terms, using the “fuzzy” operator:

quikc~ brwn~ foks~


While a phrase query (eg "john smith") expects all of the terms in exactly the same order, a proximity query allows the specified words to be further apart or in a different order. In the same way that fuzzy queries can specify a maximum edit distance for characters in a word, a proximity search allows us to specify a maximum edit distance of words in a phrase:

"fox quick"~5


Ranges can be specified for date, numeric or string fields. Inclusive ranges are specified with square brackets [min TO max].

reaction_count:[1 TO 5]
reaction_count:[10 TO *]
reaction_count:[* TO 10]


Use the boost operator ^ to make one term more relevant than another. For instance, if we want to find all documents about foxes, but we are especially interested in quick foxes:
quick^2 fox

Available fields

You can search for particular thing in a particular field related to a post.
message:"climate change" 

Supported fields are

  • message:

  • attachment_title: 

  • attachment_description: 

  • engagement_count: 

  • reaction_count: 

  • share_count: 

  • comment_count: 

  • type: (link, image, video)

  • ratio: 

  • ratios.comments_to_reactions: 

  • ratios.shares_to_reactions: 

  • link: 

  • page_name:  

  • category:

  • city:

  • state:

  • country:

  • freshness_time:

Example searches

Find posts made in a given time range in inspiration
post_time: [now-5d TO now]

Find posts made in a given time range in trending stories

freshness_time: [now-5d TO now]

Find posts that are over-performing by 5x or more
ratio: [5 TO *]

Find link posts of NY Times articles 

Find stories about climate change or global warming
(climate AND change) OR (global AND warming) 

Find stories that have been shared by nonprofits
category:"Nonprofit Organization"

Find Stories shared by pages in Arizona

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