The following is a complete list of the lifestyle types you'll find in your Facebook audience Insights. You'll find a summary of people's education level, income, and family demographics for each group. Remember, these groups won't be 100% accurate, but they are a great summary of the folks who could fall into these buckets. 

Summit Estates

Summit Estates is the wealthiest of all clusters. In every sense, these families are enjoying the good life, luxury travel, entertainment and consumption of every kind are within easy reach. 

Established Elite

Established Elite represents Americas elite couples and singles. With no school-age children at home and the second highest income in the country, these households have enormous disposable incomes and pursue correlating luxuries and activities.

Corporate Connected

Corporate Connected contains well-educated and well-compensated singles and couples in their 40s and 50s. These corporate executives and professionals are serious travelers, whether for work or pleasure, and intelligent investors.

Top Professionals

Ranked 4th for both income and net worth, Top Professionals is also one of the best-educated of all the clusters. These families shop at upscale stores, spend time managing their investments and adhere to regular fitness programs.

Active & Involved

Active & Involved represents financially secure couples nearing retirement. They are empty nester homeowners, living in outer suburbs and towns, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Casual Comfort

Casual Comfort is made up of childless couples in their 30s and early 40s. These home owning households often include professionals with graduate degrees.

Active Lifestyles

Active Lifestyles contains established couples with teenage kids, minivans and mortgages. Luckily, with a rank of fifth in the country, they have the means to support their activities.

Solid Surroundings

Solid Surroundings is a mix of affluent, well-educated couples and singles that have a net worth tending to fall between $500,000 and $1,000,000. An entrepreneurial bunch, this cluster ranks first for self-employment.

Busy Schedules

Platinum Oldies are well-heeled retirees and soon-to-be retirees living in the outer edges of the city are enjoying the fruits of their lifetime labor. They are active pillars of their communities and dedicated grandparents.

Careers & Travel

Careers & Travel is dominated by well-educated and professionally successful singles. They are almost all homeowners in a mix of houses and condominiums.

Schools & Shopping

Schools & Shopping is comprised of affluent couples with school-age children. Their activities tend to be geared toward work, home or kids.

On the Go

On the Go is dominated by affluent and well-educated working couples with preschool-age children. They are homeowners, mainly in single-family houses.

Work & Play

Work & Play contains affluent single parents. These predominantly white-collar, professional metrocentrics enjoy comfortable incomes and are a mix of homeowners and renters.

Career Centered

These affluent, single professionals are well educated, dedicated to their careers and long-term homeowners in their communities.

Country Ways

These country empty nesters are an interesting mix of technicians, entrepreneurs and blue-collar workers. With average educational attainment levels, they enjoy upper incomes and middle-to-upper net worth.

Country Enthusiasts

Country Enthusiasts is a group of successful singles who are firmly entrenched in their rural communities. Upper-middle incomes and no children enable this group to save and spend on their personal interests.

Firmly Established

Firmly Established households are upper-middle class couples with school-age children. They are homeowners, often minivan drivers and avid radio listeners.

Climbing the Ladder

Climbing the Ladder is made up of recently married young couples who enjoy healthy upper-middle range incomes. They are almost all homeowners with above average net worth, living in upscale suburban neighborhoods.

Country Comfort

Country Comfort is a combination of rural white-collar and blue-collar families, some self-employed, with mixed-age children. The group ranks 16th for household income and has a relatively high percentage of working women.

Carving Out Time

These upper-middle income, no-kids couples are well educated and well compensated. They are homeowners in mostly upscale neighborhoods.

Children First

Children First are generally young families. At a mean age of 25, all are currently raising children. evenly split between married couples and singles, these renters are more than four times likely to be students. 

Comfortable Cornerstones

Comfortable Cornerstones is a mix of couples in their late 40s and early 50s, living in outer suburbs and towns. Married with no children in the home, these upper-middle income homeowners work in a mix of white-collar and blue-collar fields.

Good Neighbors

The households that make up Good Neighbors are comfortable and well-established couples in their late 50s and early 60s. These upper-middle income empty nesters enjoy a wide range of social activities in the outer suburban areas.

Career Building

Career Building is made up of young singles with no children in the home. They are a mix of mobile renters and first-time homeowners, living in condos and single-family houses.

Clubs & Causes

Clubs & Causes is dominated by upper-middle income, retired singles and couples in their late 60s and early 70s. These long-time homeowners live comfortably in outer suburbs and towns.

Getting Established

Getting Established households are reasonably well educated and enjoy upper-middle incomes. Tending to live in more urban areas, their location often requires renting in multiple-family dwellings.

Tenured Proprietors

Tenured Proprietors households are large, upper-middle income families. Located in the cities and surrounding areas, they typically have accrued a net worth of $500,000 or less.

Community Pillars

These mostly retired octogenarians are community activists and devoted grandparents. With upper-middle incomes and net worth, they are very comfortable in their advancing age.

City Mixers

City Mixers households are single urbanites. At a mean age of 41, there are no children in the home, and they work in a broad spectrum of white-collar jobs.

Out & About

Out & About is dominated by middle-income, childless couples in their mid-20s. This group of mainly high school grads owns their homes and tends to live in suburbs and towns around the country.


Mid Americana households are married suburbanites. They are right at national averages in terms of education and income, although long tenure and high equity versus home values result in above average net worth.

Metro Mix

Metro Mix households live in the nationÍs mega markets. In their mid-40 to mid 60s, and with middle incomes, this group of diverse urbanites ranks second in residing in expensive multi-family dwellings.

Urban Diversity

Urban Diversity households are predominantly singles in their early 50s. These middle-income, white-collar professionals take advantage of urban life, enjoying the income and time that they have to the fullest.

Outward Bound

Outward Bound is middle-income, rural households, most without children, but a few have toddlers, preschool and grade school children. Home ownership dominates this cluster, along with their tendency to drive compact or full-size pickup trucks.

Working & Active

These singles are all homeowners who work in mainly white-collar professional, administrative and managerial jobs. Their education and income place them about average in the middle class.

Persistent & Productive

These older singles and couples are notable for their active grandparent status, every household shows the presence of children.

Firm Foundations

Married couples with children of all ages make up this solidly middle-income cluster. These homeowners are blue-and white-collar workers, supporting their families while establishing roots in their communities.

Rural Adventure

Rural Adventure households are in their mid- to late-30s and live in rural towns. Though, on average, they earn low-middle incomes, but are below average for net worth.

Rural Parents

These single parents live in some of the most rural parts of the country. They rank high for working women and most have started to accrue some net worth, predominantly through the homes they own.

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