Updated Donation Actions

It’s now even faster and easier for supporters to make a donation to your cause. When supporters click on your donation action in their News Feed, they can now make their donation on that first page. No longer do they have to click through to the post action message. This […]

New Action Types

We recently added three new action types: Opinion poll, Sproutlet and Question actions.   Opinion poll: This action type makes it possible to run a poll inside the Facebook news feed. Ask supporters for feedback or let them vote on an issue. Sproutlet: This action type allows you to ‘wrap’ an action […]

Actions are now Embeddable

All actions (aside from from Sproutlets) can now be embedded on a blog or website. Simply copy and paste the embed code and drop it between the body tags of your code. (Or ask your developer too) Your embedded action will function exactly the same way it does on Facebook. […]

Templates for New Actions

Today we rolled out the first of several planned enhancements to make creating actions faster and easier: action templates. When you go to create an action, your first step will be to select what kind of action you’d like. The most common types are Sign a Petition, Demand Action, Thank […]

Smarter action links

Action links are now even smarter! When you use the http://actionsprout.io/xxxxxx links people will get the most optimized experience for the action based not only on what type of device they are on but based on where they came from. For example if they were on a computer browsing Facebook […]

Easier posting of actions and reshares

We’ve standardized and expanded the way to share things from ActionSprout. Whether it’s an action you created or a piece of content you found the way you use it is the same throughout the system now. Simply hit share and you’ll be able to compose a Facebook or twitter post […]