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From within ActionSprout, you have the capability to have data sent to external services through web hooks. Please note: this article assumes you already successfully use webhooks. Learn more about using webhooks. 

To set it up, start by logging in to your ActionSprout account.

Click the Settings tab, then Integrations. 

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Scroll until you see Web Hooks.

Click Add Webhook and enter the url for ActionSprout to post data to.

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Note: We recommend using a URL with HTTPS to secure the data being passed.

Once configured, whenever someone takes action, data about the event will be sent to the url configured. Data sent will as JSON objects through POST requests.

Each hook will contain `type` and `data` keys.

Types of hooks:

  • action_taken – received when someone completes an action
  • create_or_update_contact – received when a new person is added to your account, or we received updated information about a person in your account

Data in Hooks:

  • action
    • id
    • title
    • description
  • contact
    • id
    • phone_number
    • email
    • address
    • state
    • zip
    • country
    • name
    • first_name
    • last_name

Note that fields in `contact` may not be present if they are blank, or due to the user opting out of contact with your organization.

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