Timeline is missing posts

Occasionally you may find your Timeline tab is missing some of your posts from Facebook. In this situation you can refresh the connection between Facebook and ActionSprout and thus force the app to display the posts.

To get started scroll to the bottom of your Timeline feed and find the refresh button at the bottom:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.57.27 PM

Click this button, wait a minute or so and then refresh the page in your browser. You should now see the missing posts. If the problem persists try waiting a bit longer and then refresh your browser window once again.

If the posts fail to appear:

  • Double check the posts have been publish to your Facebook page
    • Not scheduled, drafted or an ad
  • If you manage multiple Facebook pages, double check you’re looking at the correct page and corresponding ActionSprout account.
  • Double check your app permissions. It may be you’ve revoked a permission that is preventing you from using Timeline
  • If all else fails contact support at info@actionsprout.com