Tagging followed pages in Inspiration

Tagging pages you follow in Inspiration allows finer filtering of your content based on your own rules. For example if you were a local animal shelter you may follow two groups of pages: 1. Fellow local animal pages 2. National and global animal and shelter pages. Tagging the pages inside each of these groups allows you to now easily flip between these different types of content.

Tags are completely open and customizable and you can create and apply as many tags as you’d like.  

To get started, open the large Inspiration tab at the top and then select Followed Pages from the left side menu:


Click the Add tags link under any page you’d like to tag:


Type in your tags and then hit “enter”:


Once done, come back to your Inspiration feed to filter by your new tag:


Only content from pages you applied that tag to will now be displayed in your Inspiration feed.