Giving Credit on Shared Content

Creating your own high performing, engaging content everyday is unrealistic no matter how creative you are. Why not reuse the high performing content that is already out there and is proven to work? Welcome to the world of content curation.

When reposting and borrowing content there are some general rules to follow.

In this guide we will cover

    • Giving credit in a Facebook post
    • Sourcing images
    • Content sourcing tools

Giving credit in a Facebook post

First you should always give credit to the original source. This is important so that you do not appear to be the original creator and are giving credit where credit is due. This can be done in a number of ways.

When hitting the share button in Facebook or inside ActionSprout your post will automatically be sourced to the original.


If you have copied or saved the content and are posting it as a new post no such credit will be automatically given. Therefore it is important that you include a short “Thanks too…”, “From…” or “via….” somewhere in your post.

Including the @ symbol in front of the source’s name will produce a link to their Facebook page as seen in the example. This is a great why to give credit to the page.


Image Sourcing

When posting content you may also want to include a picture. To do so you have a few options:

    • You can use your own picture
    • A picture you have bought the rights to or otherwise have permission to use
    • A picture that has creative commons.

As you can see finding and using an image is not as easy as simply searching Google images. Most of those pictures will be copy righted and therefore cannot be reused or modified for commercial purposes. You’ll want to find an image that has creative commons and that can be reused and modified by anyone. A great tool to find pictures with creative commons is When you chose an image be sure to read its attribution and follow the instructions.

After you upload an image in the action creator you will be prompted to provide attribution. This attribution will appear when a user clicks the “i” icon inside the action. (as seen below)

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.57.46 PM

Content Sourcing Tools

ActionSprout offers two great tools that will help you find the top performing content in your network. They are the Inspiration tool and the Engagement Analyzer.


Reposting content will increase the engagement and reach of your page while saving you time and money. Just be sure to follow proper etiquette to protect yourself from unwanted problems.

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