Comments Inbox Beta

Thanks for helping us shape the direction of comment management with ActionSprout! It’s still a work in progress with some rough edges, but we’re excited to get you using it, and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Getting Started

  1. Log in to your ActionSprout account
  2. Go to, and ensure that all permissions are granted; these are necessary for ActionSprout to be able to manage comments on behalf of your page
  3. Go to the organization you’re using with Comments Inbox, select People from the primary navigation, then Comments from the secondary navigation on the left
  4. Turn on Comments inbox

What it does

Comments inbox makes managing the comments you receive on Facebook a much more organized and streamlined process. The tool divides your comments into two buckets:

  • Priority
  • Other

If you do nothing else, attending to the comments in the priority tab is key.

As you’re managing your comments through the tool you’ll find some of the same features you would on Facebook. You can like, reply, hide and move to direct message any comment. In addition you also have the power to assign comments to fellow teammates, sort your comments by recency or the level of engagement of the commenter and user tagging.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Only posts published after Comments Inbox was enabled for your page will have comments stream in to Comments Inbox.
  2. Scoring for what shows up in Priority is still a work in progress; we’ll be working on improving it in the coming weeks.
  3. Comments inbox has the potential to change from day to day. This is a beta feature that we are still building 🙂