Social Actions make it easy for you to give people meaningful ways to advance your cause. You can create petitions, polls and so much more! Your supporters get a quick and easy way to sign their name and share their email address. It happens inside Facebook and requires little to no typing on your supporters part. 

Let’s look at a poll example to see how it works! We'll be using the following live Social Action as our working example. 

ActionSprout Social Actions

On Facebook your new Social Action will appear as a link post. That means a large featured image, title and the first few lines of your poll will all appear in the post. As with all posts, you can write a message at the top. 

When someone clicks on this post in their Facebook News Feed, they go directly to your poll where they can learn more and vote: 

When a supporter decides to answer your poll, they click the call to action button that best matches. This opens a new Facebook window where Facebook asks if it’s okay to share their name and email address with your organization. Most folks say yes and go to your thank you page. If they say no, they will be shown an option to fill in their name and email manually. 

That’s it! 

It only takes one click to view your poll and one click to sign it! Their name, email address and answer will be stored for you inside your ActionSprout account where you can export it as a CSV file at any time. 


Once someone completes the Social Action, they will be asked to share it to their personal timeline. 

This shared post is a full copy of the Social Action they just completed. Anyone can click on their post and complete the action themselves, and chose to share it again. 

You can see how quickly a popular Social Action can spread through Facebook like wild fire and engage and capture a ton of new supporters! 

Better Completion Rates 

Now you may be asking, “Why should I create a Social Action with ActionSprout when I can share our website’s poll on Facebook?”

One answer: Better completion rate!

The majority of folks who see your posts on Facebook do so from a mobile device. In fact, a growing number of people have never logged into Facebook from a desktop or laptop device!

This means you must assume your posts and forms are on tiny screens and completed with tiny keyboards. If supporters have to click too many times to view your poll, or fill out too many fields, they likely won’t finish. 

In contrast, our Social Actions are built to ensure the fastest, easiest experience for your supporters so you get more names and emails out of your hard work! 

So give Social Actions a try on your own Facebook Page!

And remember, just like your traditional actions, it’s important to make sure you use brief and compelling language to encourage action.  

Want some guidance? Check out our best practices guide to Social Actions. 

Or if you have any questions drop us a note at We’re always here to help! 



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