If you use Facebook ads and ActionSprout actions, then Facebook pixel events are the key to getting the most bang for each precious buck.

With pixel events you can target supporters (and potential supporters) with messages specific to how they've interacted with the Social Actions you've posted via ActionSprout.

In other words, it increases your chances of getting the right message to each person, greatly improving your success rate and lowering your overall ad costs.

What are Facebook pixel events?

Similar to other Facebook pixels, adding pixel events to your ActionSprout Social Actions gives you the ability to retarget folks who did or did not complete a particular step related to the ad and promoted posts. Or you can specifically target those folks who've viewed your action, completed your action, viewed your donation form, etc.

Let’s look at the different kinds of pixel events and how each one could help you better target your message and Social Actions.

View Content

First up is View Content. It tells you when someone has viewed your action, but didn't complete it.

In other words, they were scrolling through their newsfeed, saw your action, and were interested enough to click on it, but some reason they stopped short when they got here:

The good news is, these folks showed interest in your cause! Your content grabbed their attention long enough to stop scrolling and proved interesting enough for them to click and view the full action.

Now you just need to figure out why they didn't complete your action.

  • Were they not quite ready to take the step with your organization?
  • Do they need further convincing?
  • Do they need to learn more?
  • Was the call to action as clear as it could be? 

It’s normal for supporters to require additional exposure to your cause before they take action. Now is the time to target them with:

  • A "more information" ad: boost a popular post, try to send them to your website, or promote a related video
  • A "further call-to-action" ad: boost a different post
  • A "resurface the same action" ad: boost a same post again
  • An ad with a different message: boost the post after you try changing the wording and/or picture
  • An ad with a different ask: boost a post after changing the action you require

Depending on your cause and audience, it could take some trial and error to figure out which one of these will do the trick. 


Next we have a Lead, which is anyone who completed the action by sharing their name and email, but then didn't fill in the additional info you requested, such as zip code or occupation.

In other words, they dropped off here:

These supporters took a big step by completing your action. And now you have an email address to contact them, which is great.

To further engage them:

  • Think of additional ways they could take action: boost another post their way
  • Give them a "more information" ad: boost a post, send them to your website, promote a related video, etc.

Complete Registration

Then you also have Complete Registration event, which happens when someone completes an action, beginning to end.

They performed the action you requested, gave you their name and email address, and also supplied any additional data you asked for in the process.

In other words, these supporters are totally on board with your cause!

Target them with:

  • A "further ways to take action" a: boost a different post to them
  • A "greater ways to take action" ad: boost a post that asks them to take the next step by donating, calling a local leader, volunteering, etc.
  • A "more information" ad: boost another post, send them to your website, promote a related video, etc.
  • A "sign up to become a member": send them to your site to officially become a part of your cause's greater community

Add to Cart

Then you have the Add to Cart event, which occurs when someone saw your donation action in their feed, stopped scrolling to click on it, and even clicked on one of the donation buttons... but then didn't complete the payment form.

Something stopped them here:

Just look at how close they were to making a donation! This shows a lot of promise. Now’s the time to target them with:

  • An ad for the same donation: boost the same post again
  • A slightly different rewording or reframing of the same ad: boost the post with different wording and/or imagery
  • A "more information" ad type: boost a different post, promote another donation opportunity, send them to your site, etc.

As with the View Content event above, it may take a few exposures before they decide to donate. It will also require a degree of trial and error to get them from interest to giving.


And finally we have the Purchase event.

These are your brand new donors! They completed your donation action and your organization received money from them via Stripe: 

These supporters are passionate enough about your cause to put their money where their mouths are. It goes without saying that this group needs special fostering and growth from your organization.

If you have a new donor onboarding process, you can add these supporters to that. Make sure to target them with ads specifically appealing to existing donors. A few ideas could include:

  • "Further calls to action" ads: boost a
  • "Be a recurring donor" ad: send people to your website to increase conversions there
  • "Further ways to get involved" ad: encourage further membership, volunteering, or event participation with other posts, links to your site, and other conversion opportunities on your site

Now that you know the secrets, use them wisely

Applying pixel events to your ActionSprout Social Actions can exponentially increases your chance of connecting with the right people through the right ads. Use that power to better find and reach your supporters with the messages they need to hear, all while saving your organization valuable ad dollars in the process.

Ultimately, that means more money going directly toward your cause, which you and your supporters want!

Have questions? Reach us at info@actionsprout.com 

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