Wondering how ActionSprout accounts work? Have multiple Facebook Pages you manage, contribute to, or have different budgets and teams for?

Well, you're in luck! With a single ActionSprout login, you can manage an unlimited number of Facebook Pages. Then, for each of those connected Pages, you can have an unlimited number of team members. Lastly, for each connected Facebook Page, you'll choose a pricing plan that works best. 

It follows a very similar structure to Facebook accounts actually:

  • You have a personal login and settings that are unique to you
  • You can set up multiple accounts for various Facebook Pages
  • You can invite others to help you manage particular Pages on a Page by Page basis. 

Here’s an example of my own ActionSprout account and connected Facebook Pages: 

I manage multiple Facebook Pages through ActionSprout, and several people help me operate each of those Pages.

Your teammates will each have their own ActionSprout login and personal settings, just as they have their own personal Facebook accounts. They’ll likely have access to Facebook Pages that you don’t, too, and vice versa. 

With both ActionSprout and Facebook, you have just one login to access your personal profile, and then you can create (or receive permission to help manage) an unlimited number of Facebook Pages via that original personal profile.

As you can see below, Facebook accounts work the same way:

Access and Permissions

ActionSprout honors whatever Facebook Page permissions you’ve already set. For example, if you’ve given a teammate access to a certain Facebook Page, but you’ve indicated they don’t have a high enough role to publish content on it, then they won’t be able to publish content on that Page via ActionSprout either. 

Only Admins of a particular Facebook Page will be able to connect the Page to ActionSprout to manage it.

This helps protect organizations from well-meaning volunteers or staff members eager to create accounts on your organization’s behalf, without your knowledge. It’s fine if they want to create those Pages, but they should check with you first, as you and your team would ultimately be in charge of managing such offshoots.

Account Billing 

All the Facebook Pages you connect to ActionSprout start on a limited free plan. You will never be charged a penny, nor will we pressure you to upgrade. 

When, you do decide to upgrade to a paid account, that upgrade will only apply to that one Facebook Page. If you have other Facebook Pages, those will need to be upgraded and billed separately.

The nice thing about this is that different teams can use different payment methods and select the plan that’s best for them. It also ensures that you only pay for what you need and nothing else, on a per-Facebook Page basis.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Reach us at info@actionsprout.com. 

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