ActionSprout is here to help nonprofits, not cause more problems for them. That's why the security of your data is just as important to us as it is to you... maybe even more so. But it's one thing to say you're service is secure. It's another thing to prove it.

Here are a few of the security measures we employ every day single day. We want you to feel confident in leaving those concerns up to us, so that you can focus on the important work of advancing your cause.

Data Storage

We maintain redundant data storage with nightly backups to ensure your data is never lost. And for even greater security, we duplicate data across multiple geographic regions.

Data Encryption

When data needs to be moved, we make sure all transmissions involved use secured, end-to-end encryption with 256 bit (TLS). This is the same method banks use to ensure your money and data. It's the gold standard.

Credit Safety

If you’re paying ActionSprout a subscription fee, your credit card data is never stored in our system. Instead we use the industry-leading payment processor Stripe to receive, process, and store all billing-related data. The entire process is PCI-compliant and secure.

Infrastructure Reliability

To be honest, the folks here at ActionSprout are really picky. We only work with infrastructure providers who meet the very top standards for access control and physical security. We also use industry best practices to manage server access and make sure our software is always up to date on patches for all known security vulnerabilities.

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