Looking for new Social Action ideas? Here's a fun, simple way to surface what kinds of topics are currently trending on Facebook.

Getting Started

First, follow Facebook pages that talk about and lift up progressive causes. As you go, tag them with something you can filter with later. In this case we tagged them as "Petitions".

You can add tags to any followed pages like this:

Follow Ideas:

The Results

Then when browsing your content feed, you can choose to only show content from pages that are tagged as a certain term:

You can further dig in by searching for keywords and phrases in the search bar like this. Here I'm searching by the keyword "Poll":

Our tool only surfaces content that is performing above average for the page in question. That means this feed is only the highest engaging content from the sources you follow.

Ideas to search by:

  • "Petition"
  • "Poll"
  • "Support"
  • "Change"
  • "Demand"
  • Any keywords and phrases related to your particular work

Once you have an idea in mind, it's time to create your action!

Have any questions? You can always reach us at info@actionsprout.com. We're always happy to help!

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