ActionSprout has been a trusted and invaluable tool for tens of thousands of communication professionals tasked with managing their organization or campaign’s Facebook efforts in order to grow their email lists, reach new supporters, and improve engagement over time.

Since we began in 2012, ActionSprout has helped over 75,000 organizations and political campaigns use Facebook to reach billions of people. Our users have run the gamut from presidential hopefuls to local activists and global health organizations to community churches.

In 2020, our community of users collectively shared over a million posts to their Facebook pages that were viewed over 60,000,000,000 (60 billion) times and in turn were re-shared another 278,000,000 (278 million) times. That’s a lot of zeros!!!

ActionSprout is now free for everyone.

In 2019 we introduced a grant program to allow some nonprofits to use ActionSprout for free. In 2021, we’re expanding that program to everyone.

We believe that people fighting for a better future need all the tools they can get right now in order to be seen and make a difference on Facebook. Over the last 9 years we have worked closely with tens of thousands of candidates, nonprofits, and even Facebook itself to build the ActionSprout family of tools. And we're excited to open it up to anyone who needs it.

There must be a catch?

In addition to the tools we’ve released, we also have tools we use internally to help run campaigns and empower coalitions to work better together. And frankly, more of our sustaining revenue has come from these managed solutions than from our self-serve subscriptions.

We’ve always been a mission-driven company, and we felt we could have a bigger impact if we made more of our core offering available to those who need it, free of charge.

Because we are a data-driven company, the more people use ActionSprout, the more insights we have into what works and what doesn’t so we can create the most impactful tools for social change.

So the catch is: We win if you win. By making ActionSprout free for everyone, we get more insights into what engages people and converts them to action and you get some of the most advanced social campaign tools at no cost. Together we can achieve outcomes not possible alone.

Use it or lose it

Processing and analyzing data isn’t cheap, so while ActionSprout is now free, we will be requiring users to log into their accounts on a monthly basis to keep those accounts active. If an account goes unused for more than 30 days, we will stop processing new insights for it and put it on pause until you log back in and reactivate.

Real people for real impact

At ActionSprout we’ve always believed in providing prompt customer service from a real human being, and that won’t change. Whether you just have a quick question or you need an expert to assist with a campaign or coalition effort you're coordinating, our experts will continue to be here to help you get the most out of your ActionSprout account.

Reach out and say hello using that little chat button in the lower right.

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