Voices is available via invite only, contact us to learn about getting it turned on for your account.

Mobilize Your Digital Volunteers in Three Easy Steps

1. Invite volunteers to join

Invite your volunteers to download the Voices app, sign up (via Facebook connect) and join your Voices group by sharing your custom invite link with them.

2. Call them to action with an appeal

Send your Voices group an appeal via ActionSprout asking them to engage with a Facebook post, create photos or videos, donate or complete a task of your choosing.

3. They get notified and take action

Your group members get a push notification alerting them of your appeal and take immediate action—leaving the noise and costs of SMS, email and Facebook behind.

Why Nonprofits and Campaigns Are Using Voices

  • Many people have thousands of unread emails in their inbox. So if you use email for your critical messages, most of them will disappear into the unread masses.

  • Facebook themselves admit that only about 1% of your followers ever see your posts. To get real organic reach, you have to hack the Facebook “pay-to-play” machine.

  • Getting a message and notification to your supporters’ phones is the best way to drive action. But unlike costly texts, Voices is included with ActionSprout.

Your Volunteer’s Experience

Volunteers use the Voices iOS or Android apps to receive your appeals. Once they’ve joined your group, they’re ready to act!

Your Experience

Appeals are managed in your ActionSprout dashboard. Where, for example, you can choose a Facebook post or create a new one featuring your appeal—then instantly send it to your entire Voices group.

How Voices Boosts Support for Your Cause

Want more powerful engagement on Facebook?

Get your volunteers to like or comment on posts of your choosing—boosting their reach (without buying ads).

Want to put Facebook trolls in their place?

Have your volunteers join the fight against trolls on specific Facebook comments when it matters the most.

Want to spark action on the ground in real life?

Send your supporters a message compelling them to vote or to attend a rally or event that relates to your cause.

Want to improve your fundraising results?

Make sure your most avid supporters stay in the loop and always see your messages for donations.

Increase your odds by asking your volunteers to share content far and wide via their various networks.

Want to start a wave of user-generated content?

Rally your volunteers to create targeted photos and video they’ll submit for your cause’s curation purposes.

Your Campaign Is Too Important to Leave Its Success to Chance

Organizations like yours are the best hope we have for moving our communities and country forward.

  • So don’t let your rallying cries get lost in Facebook’s algorithm or email overload

  • Don’t exhaust precious funding on text message blasts or day-to-day outreach

  • And most of all, don’t let the grassroots power of your volunteers go to waste

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