Coordinating your partners on Facebook can be time-consuming and messy

What if, instead…

  • Your partners could be aligned and share vetted Facebook content network-wide with a single click

  • Onboarding partners was as easy as sharing a link with them

  • Your network could reach and persuade more supporters with less effort and money

  • You had in-depth custom reports and insights that would help improve your entire network

Our purpose-built network platform makes it all possible.

The Unified Way to Lead Your Coalition

Hunting for file-sharing links and juggling emails to keep your partners aligned and stocked with pre-approved Facebook content is a pain. That’s why we created a streamlined way to manage your network and content.

Your network’s private content feed is at the heart of our publishing and promotion system: It provides a central location for your network to access and share trusted content.

Use your private feed to:

• Allow all partners to share Facebook-ready content with a single click
• Automatically notify partners of new content via email and push notifications
• Enable specific partners to provide content for the whole network to share
• Schedule posts to be published at suggested times calculated for optimal engagement

Why PACs and Nonprofits Are Moving Their Network Operations to ActionSprout

  • Your network partners can more easily stay on message, reach larger audiences and improve ad performance.

  • Boost the profile of your cause with curated, Facebook-ready content that enables your partners to post daily.

  • Increase your network’s capacity and learn what works and what doesn’t via customized, in-depth reporting.

Getting Set Up Is Easy

We’ll get your network set up and ready to go

Our team of Facebook experts will be with you from launch to expansion to make configuring your Private Network and onboarding your partners easy.

Invite and effortlessly onboard your partner organizations

Direct your (new or existing) partners to your Private Network’s custom homepage. From there, they’ll follow simple instructions to create their ActionSprout account, access your content feed and begin sharing and creating Facebook content—all while getting free support from ActionSprout as needed.

Drive change, see what works, and constantly improve

Our custom reporting will help you identify which of your partners (and which types of content and messaging) are performing the best—so you can use those learnings to level up the your entire network.

Looking to Grow or Build a Coalition? We Can Help.

Over the past 8 years we’ve worked with over 50,000 nonprofits, PACs and political candidates. We’re happy to help you identify, analyze and reach out to organizations that would be a perfect fit for your network.

Our custom reports offer actionable insights to help you see what’s working for your network—enabling you to learn from previous efforts and duplicate past successes.

Reports can include a blend of the metrics below, as well as custom stats that speak to the unique aspects of your coalition.

  • Partner engagement rates

  • Post reach & engagement rates

  • Post improvement suggestions

  • Network-wide reach

  • Network-wide engagement rates

  • Partner post counts

Contact us to learn more about getting a private network setup for your effort.

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