Did you know? When you make a post on your organization’s Facebook page, it only appears in about 5% of your followers’ feeds.

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes the content it considers the “best” — based on factors like how often your page posts and how engaging fans find those posts.

That means posting a quality story at least once a day is critical to maintaining — and growing — a supporter base.

But almost no one has hours to spend creating original content every day. With ActionSprout, you’ll get a constantly refreshed feed of new stories that are proven to engage, and tailored exactly to your mission or campaign — and you can schedule more than a week’s worth of posts in just a few minutes!

Monitor Facebook pages with platforms similar to yours so you can replicate their Facebook successes. Or keep an eye on what posts are performing well for your opposition.

You can’t beat the human touch: work with others to find and suggest stories that need to be seen by more people and provide guidance on why they’re worth sharing.

Know of a great story?

ActionSprout is a collaborative content library. If you bring us a great story (whether it’s your organization’s original content or a story you saw from another source), you’ll get the credit for suggesting a Recommended Story. We’ll make it available for all users interested in that topic to share to their own Facebook pages — opening the door to huge distributed organic reach for your cause’s most important stories. Let’s get loud together!

Learn how to suggest a Recommended Story

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