Our Facebook tools have helped over 50,389 political campaigns, nonprofits and businesses raise money, find supporters and grow their audiences.

ActionSprout is software that securely connects to your organization’s Facebook page—boosting its functionality by adding a host of simple but powerful features that’ll make you love Facebook again.

Tired of Spotty Facebook Results?

  • Afraid of pouring more money into boosted posts and ads only to attract bots and trolls (if you get any engagement at all)?

  • Sick of Facebook working one day and completely screwing up your campaign the next?

  • Want an attractive Facebook page that feels energetic (instead of lifeless and dull)?

We get it. That’s why we custom-built a new way to manage your cause’s Facebook pages.

Our simple software (web, iOS and Android) ensures you have relevant daily content to post, improves ad performance, helps you run impactful social actions, and more. Basically, everything you need to impress your team with consistent results.

Since 2012, we’ve enabled candidates and causes to win and effect change by helping them reach and persuade over 500 million Facebook users. Now it’s your turn…

Meet Your Campaign’s New Secret Weapons

Boost ROI with auto-optimizing Facebook ads that just work

Easily promote posts as you schedule them or boost your most engaging ones. We automatically create campaigns with optimal ad targeting, giving you a bigger return on ad spend.

  • Uniquely target by state political districts

  • Suggests audiences relating to your posts

  • Easily leverage the full depth of Facebook Ads Manager as well

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Grow your email list and get more supporters

Supporters can choose to join your email list through various Facebook social actions such as petitions, polls, fundraisers, vote pledges and more.

  • 100% opt-in emails

  • Exports to your email provider or CRM

  • Full access to supporter data

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Empower your supporters to act and be heard

Launch social actions like petitions, polls, fundraisers, vote pledges and more, all delivering the highest conversion rates in the industry.

  • Integrates with multiple CRMs, email and payment providers

  • Full access to opt-in supporter data

  • Works online, beyond Facebook

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Schedule posts and recreate past successes

Using pattern and metric analysis, our Timeline feature helps identify your most engaging posts and guides you step-by-step on how to reproduce their wins.

  • Exact breakdowns of why your best posts succeeded (and how to replicate success)

  • Suggested post times for when your audience is most likely to act

Answers to your Post Analysis questions

If you enjoy being overworked and relying on guesswork to move the needle, you can keep doing what you’ve always done (and get the same results).

Or try something new that’s based on data, personal service and a proven methodology. Getting set up is easy. Why not give us a shot?

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