Turn online energy into real-world votes, action, and change

Social actions (Facebook optimized one-click polls and petitions) build deeper engagement with your supporters — while also building your email list.

Why Nonprofits and Campaigns Are Using Social Actions

Call for real-world action

Turn likes and clicks into real-world impact with petitions asking your followers to take action (e.g., calling their senator, pledging to vote, or promising to show up at an event).

Listen to your voters and supporters

Don’t assume you know what your followers think and care about: Our polls let them speak for themselves.

Build your email list

Export the names and verified email addresses of everyone who completes your action to make it a two-way conversation.

There’s no easier (or cheaper) way to build your supporter list on Facebook.

Build your email list in 3 easy steps

  1. Build a great action that will appeal to the people you want to talk to. We find that appeals that are emotional, solvable, and urgent generate the most engagement.

  2. Share the action on your organization or candidate’s Facebook page. You can let it spread organically, or, better yet, put a little ad spend behind it! This lets you ensure that your action gets seen, and allows you to target an exact demographic. Spending even $20 can make a huge impact!

  3. Export the names and email addresses of everyone who completed your action. (Our one-click actions automatically provide this information without your respondents having to type it in.)

Our simple yet flexible templates let you create the perfect action in just minutes.

Select the type of action you’d like to create, write some simple copy, swap in a great image, and voila — you’re ready to share to your Facebook page!


Do your voters approve of their sitting senator? Do your followers think there are enough bike lanes in their neighborhood? Our polls will answer YOUR question.


Create pressure and momentum by gathering a critical mass of signatures calling for action.

Open-ended questions

When a simple yes or no doesn’t cover it, you can ask open-ended questions. Ask people what the most important issue is to them in the next election cycle, or have them submit their street address if they want a yard sign delivered to their home.


Get more mileage out of your link shares on Facebook. When you share a great article to your page, a sproutlet places a poll question at the bottom of the story. Just like with all actions, when people interact with the sproutlet, you can export their name and verified email address!


Social Action Success Story: 1,000 Days

The 1,000 Days team wanted to create support for a new national paid family leave policy. To accomplish this, they created social actions through ActionSprout that informed and mobilized their Facebook supporters to take action. In the process, they were able to influence public policy and grow a group of supporters who are passionate about their organization’s issues.

  • Roughly a quarter million signatures raised with social actions

  • A jump in Facebook page fans from 3,000 to 85,000 in four months

  • 684,354 Facebook shares

  • 799,114 petition views

  • 34% petition completion rate

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