Here's how to track conversions driven by your Facebook ads.

To begin, you must connect a Facebook Pixel ID to your organization's ActionSprout account to use this feature. (If you don't have that set, you'll get an error about pixel being required when you try to place the ad.)

In the left hand menu select Account Settings at the very bottom. General Settings should be open by default. Towards the top of the screen find the Facebook Pixel ID field. Paste in your ID and click the green Update Settings button.

(Here's where to find your Facebook Pixel ID if you need help.)

Next, select Facebook Ads from the left hand menu again. Then select Quick Promote under that. This will open the quick promote screen. Click the green New Template button in the upper right corner:

Fill in your ad information in the Create Promotion Template menu. Once you have your location(s) plugged in the Campaign Objective option will appear. Make sure Conversions is selected here:

Finish creating your template and click Create Promotion Template at the bottom of the menu:

Now when you open the Promote Post menu (by clicking the Promote button on any post under Timeline, or choosing to boost a scheduled post.) you'll see your new ad template listed:

Please note: The conversion goal option is only available through Quick Promote templates.

Also note: Conversion goals work the best when run against Social Actions or other URLs you control that include your pixel and/or the conversion event.

Tracking Results

Currently, we only support the "Completed Registration" standard event.

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