Recommending Social Actions can have a lot of benefits to your work.

First, if you're working closely with other organziations or campaigns, recommending successful Social Actions can help lift the work of everyone involved. Instead of everyone struggling on their own, folks can share their best work with the group, saving everyone time and effort.

Secondly, if your group's focus is list building, recommending and sharing successful Social Actions among yourselves will lead to even more names and emails collected for the overall group. The more places (or Facebook pages) and times you and your network share Social Actions, the more opportunities folks have to complete them and join your work. Each page that clones and shares a recommended Social Action to their Facebook page, will collect the names and emails from those who complete it. The data from these different accounts is NOT shared back with the account who originally recommended it.

Lastly, as the group(s) you work with recommend Social Actions, you'll begin to build a content library of some of the best content and Social Actions around. The idea is, this is a central place to source great content to share on your Facebook Page(s). But, you could also use it to learn patterns about what types of content your communities enjoy engaging with.

Recommending Social Actions

To get started, open the Social Actions feature from the left hand menu:

Click on any down arrow icon (found next to the edit button.) This will open a menu where you will find Recommend Action:

Or, if you have an action open, click on the three dots icon after People. This will open a menu where you will find Recommend Action:

Either method will open the following screen:

Fill in your information and don't forget to choose which Topics this should be recommended to at the very bottom. This will decide who your Social Action is recommended to. So make sure you choose the group(s) you belong to or who do similar work.

You'll see the follow confirmation screen when you're done:

If you've never recommend a piece of content before, please see our guide on recommending before you get started.

You'll find the recommended Social Actions under Stories in the left hand menu. Be sure you're viewing the correct topic first:

No longer alone

Use ActionSprout today to collaborate with your teams and connect with larger networks doing similar work. We're all in this together. 🙂

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