What is ActionSprout?

ActionSprout helps nonprofits improve their social media efforts with easy-to-use tools that connect directly to their Facebook Page.

ActionSprout does not replace your Facebook Page. It works alongside it to help you share content that really matters to your community, better engage supporters, and track results.

Note: ActionSprout only connects to Facebook Pages. It cannot connect to a Facebook group, personal profile, or event. It also doesn't connect to Twitter or Instagram.

How can it help me?

We're glad you asked! 

  • Increase the reach and engagement of your nonprofit's Facebook Page
  • Post to your Facebook Page more often
  • Learn more about your nonprofit's supporters
  • Run Social Action Facebook campaigns optimized for mobile. From petitions and giving campaigns to polls, pledges and more, this is a powerful way to collect name and email from Facebook supporters. 
  • Raise more money via Facebook
  • Run more effective Facebook ads, for less money
  • And so much more! 

Why do I need it?

Very few nonprofits ever pursue actual Facebook training. Many think they can just apply traditional communication and marketing strategies from 20 years ago.

But Facebook isn't traditional. It's a new form of media: social, dynamic, modern. 

This ideological switch requires new strategies for reaching and connecting with supporters. That's where ActionSprout comes in! Our tools work directly with your Page to make it easy to optimize your Facebook efforts. 

As part of our service, we also offer educational articles, strategy guides, case studies, inspiration and more. Everything we do is aimed at helping nonprofits do more good through the town square of our digital community: Facebook.

Is ActionSprout secure? Will I lose control of my Facebook Page?

ActionSprout is incredibly secure. We only ask for the information and access required to serve you. Nothing more. 

We never ask for personal information or passwords. You retain absolute control of your Page and are able to post as normal. You can disconnect ActionSprout from your Facebook Page at any time. It's all in your hands.

Can my Facebook fans see the content inside my ActionSprout account?

Absolutely not. Only you (and any teammates you add) can see the content in your ActionSprout account. It's all private, until you choose to post something to your Facebook Page.

Likewise, all Page and supporter data stored in ActionSprout is private and secure. Even all the Facebook Pages you follow in Inspiration are private and anonymous.

When I sign up for ActionSprout, it seems like I’m connecting the app to my personal profile. What’s up with that?

During the ActionSprout signup process we do ask you, as an individual, to log into Facebook. This allows our app to verify who you are and which Pages you have permissions to edit.

This is for the security of both you and the nonprofit Page you're trying to access. It is impossible to connect ActionSprout to a personal profile, even by mistake.

Once you log in, you can then select the Facebook Page(s) that you would like ActionSprout to connect to. 

Why do I need to give the ActionSprout app permission to manage my Pages?

ActionSprout only works if we can read information about your Page, your posts, and your fans’ interactions with you. We have to officially ask permission in order for that to happen. 

These permission prompts simply confirm that it’s okay for Facebook to let ActionSprout connect to your Page as an app.

Please let us reiterate: We never post to your Page without your permission.
Learn more about permissions

Where does ActionSprout appear on my Facebook Page?

ActionSprout does not appear publicly on your Facebook Page. 

To access your ActionSprout account, content, and campaigns, log in at https://app.actionsprout.com.  

I heard that ActionSprout can help me collect contact information from my supporters on Facebook. How does that work?

Inside your new ActionSprout account, you’ll find a tab titled “Social Actions.” Actions are social and mobile-optimized forms that you’ll create inside ActionSprout and post to Facebook. These are thing like petitions, pledges, donation campaigns, and signups. This allows you to quickly and easily collect contact info for supporters who choose to complete those actions.

However, Actions can't help you capture contact info of people who are merely fans of your Page, have liked your content, or comment on your posts. Facebook doesn't allow that, for users' privacy and protection (and understandably so). You must ask your supporters to choose to share their contact information by inviting them to take a specific action.

When I collect supporter information, where does the data go?

All supporter data is saved inside your ActionSprout account, under the People tab. You can export this data as a CSV or set up automatic integration with your email service or CRM.

Have a question that wasn't answered? Please let us know. It's our priority to ensure confidence in the tools and info we provide to help nonprofits. If you're unsure of something, chances are others are, too. We want to fix that.

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