Hi, I'm Shawn the CEO and co-founder of ActionSprout. I've been helping campaigns and causes use Facebook effectively for over 8 years. From climate change to affordable housing, global health to marriage equality, and dozens of other important topics I've seen and learned a ton.

Each week I'll be leading a conversation to explore how to get the most out of Facebook for political campaigns.

  • We will look at recent data to understand what types of posts are working and which are not.
  • I'll dig into key principles and methodologies behind successes I see.
  • I will answer frequently asked questions and share additional insights.
  • I will help troubleshoot issues related to using Facebook ads for political campaigns.

The agenda will be fluid in order to address the most relevant and timely issues and answer questions. But I will generally be covering the following topics

  • Content curation and share-ability
  • Signals and posting frequency
  • Facebook ads
  • Social actions and list building
  • Comment management
  • Using metrics to create success
  • Community and engagement

To get the most out of these sessions you will need an active ActionSprout account attached to a Facebook page. It doesn't need to be on a paid plan, free is fine.

We will generally meet on Tuesdays at 10am PT. So hold that date on your calendar. I may however adjust days and times from week to week based on need and what's happening in the world. Each week I will send out email with that weeks invite link and collect everyones questions and ideas.

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