Occasionally you may discover that your Timeline tab seems to missing some of your Facebook posts. Don't worry. That's often remedied by simply refreshing the connection between Facebook and ActionSprout.

To get started, go to your Timeline tab and scroll down to the very bottom of your feed. See the Refresh button? Click on it.

Now wait a minute or so. Stretch your legs. Get a coffee. Comment on your friend’s cute puppy post. Then refresh the page in your browser. Now you should see that your missing posts are no longer missing after all.

However, if they are still missing, try waiting a bit longer and refreshing your browser window once again.

If the posts still fail to appear:

• Double check that they’ve been publish to your Facebook Page and not scheduled, drafted, or submitted as an ad.

• If you manage multiple Facebook Pages, make sure you’re looking at the correct Page and the correct corresponding ActionSprout account.

Check your app permissions. Perhaps a permission was revoked, and that’s preventing you from using Timeline? 

If all else fails, contact support at info@actionsprout.com. We’ll be happy to help solve the mystery!

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