Before we jump ahead with syncing, there's some data you'll need to gather first.

1. Get your rest url

Your rest url is a secure link we will use to link the two accounts. Please follow these steps to get yours. 

Your rest url should look something like this:

Note: It should end with /SRConsAPI.

2. Create a Luminate API Key

Log into Luminate using your Admin login. Click Menu Setup, then Site Options, then Open API Configuration, and finally Configure API Keys.

In the box for Luminate Online API Key enter any string. ActionSprout will need this value for the API. Ignore the other fields.

Click Finish.

3. Whitelist the ActionSprout IP address

For security, only companies in your Whitelist can access your Luminate Online web service. Go to Open API Configuration and then choose Configure API to Allow Server. 

From this menu you'll then add the following IP addresses:

4. Create your web service login and password

On the same page as the Whitelist, add an API Administrative Account and configure your username and password.

Click Finish.

5. Connect ActionSprout

Log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook Page you'd like to work with from the accounts screen. 

Next, open Social Actions from the left hand menu and select Integrations:

Look for Luminate in the list of available integrations. Now you'll fill in that information you collected above:

Once you've entered your info, click Connect To Luminate Online

Syncing Actions

Now that your Luminate Online connection is setup, you can turn on syncing and configure how you want to push data over, on an action-by-action basis.

Select the action you’d like to sync under the Social Actions section of your account and click the Edit button:

From the Edit screen, click the Integrations tab to configure your Luminate Online details:

You can configure a Source, SubSource, Group, or Interest IDs for the contact to be synced with: 

Once a person has completed an action (and opt-ed in) they will synced immediately to Luminate Online with whatever information they've provided.


You can also resync all the people that have completed an action at anytime by simply hitting the Resync Action button. It will then attempt a full sync of all the contacts who have completed that action:

This is helpful if you connect to Luminate Online after an action has already been running or if you feel the real time sync may have missed a few people.

Have questions? Reach us at We're always happy to help! 

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