Do you use NationBuilder? Want to add all the great contacts you gain through your ActionSprout Social Actions directly to it that database? Well, you're luck!

First, log into your ActionSprout account and select the Facebook Page you'd like to work with from the Accounts screen.  

Open Social Actions found in the left hand menu. Select Integrations:

Scroll until you find NationBuilder in the list of available integrations.

Now you need the name of your NationBuilder account. It's the word in your domain before So if your NationBuilder account is, then your NationBuilder ID is honeybees. 

However, if you’re using a custom domain name, then you'll need to go to to see your NationBuilder URL and name.

Alright, so now do have your NationBuilder name? It should be a single word, no spaces, and all lower case

Enter your NationBuilder domain name, and click Connect NationBuilder. It will look like this: 

You’ll then be asked to log in to your NationBuilder account to complete the connection. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go! 

NationBuilder Integration in Action

Once your NationBuilder and ActionSprout accounts are connected, any supporters who take action on your ActionSprout campaigns will automatically flow into your NationBuilder account.

You'll be able to tell which of your NationBuilder contacts originated from ActionSprout because they'll have three tags: 

  • "ActionSprout" 

  • The title of your ActionSprout social action

  • And the unique action slug (The last 6 characters of your action's URL) 

What Support Information Gets Sent to NationBuilder 

When someone completes one or more of your ActionSprout social actions, we'll send over as much of the following information as they have shared with you:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Gender

  • Street address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip


Can I add ActionSprout contacts to an existing NationBuilder petition?

The NationBuilder API does not currently support this. However, once your ActionSprout contacts are in NationBuilder, you can manually update the number of petition signers. Just go to your NationBuilder Petition page and then Petition Settings. Click on Basics and then Additional Signatures to Add to the Total.

What if I am using a custom domain?

Simply go to and you’ll see your resulting NationBuilder URL and name. Then you can follow the account linking instructions outlined above.

Will my past action data be sent over as well?

Yes, your past data can also be automatically sent to NationBuilder through this integration. You’ll just need to resync the individual actions that contain older data.

 Click the Edit button on the action(s) in question:

Then select the Integrations tab at the top:

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the Resync Integrations button:

Then the data you requested will begin porting to NationBuilder. This may take a few minutes to complete, depending on how much data needs to be sent.

Have questions? Reach us at We're always happy to help! 

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