When your supporters take action on your Facebook page, your ActionSprout app captures their data. But how can you get that info into the rest of your data over on Constant Contact? You can set that up to sync automatically. 

To get started, log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with from the Accounts screen. 

Next, open Account Settings at the bottom of the left hand menu. Select Integrations.

Scroll until you see Constant Contact in the list of available integrations. Click Connect Constant Contact and log into your account as prompted. 

Once connected, you'll chose which of your Contact Contact lists you'd like each of your ActionSprout social actions to snyc with. 

Go to the Editing screen for a particular action, like this:

Then click on the Integrations tab.

Scroll down until you see Constant Contact and use the dropdown menu to select the list you'd like.

That's all there is to it. Then you'll have all the great responders you've collected through ActionSprout right at your fingertips over on Constant Contact, too. Constant indeed!

Have questions? Reach us at info@actionsprout.com We're always happy to help! 

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