Verified contributors can directly recommend content to the topics they are verified for with no review period by the team. Their content goes directly into the queue! 

To become a verified contributor please contact us at We’ll internally review your request and let you know if you’re verified or not. 

Once you are verified for a topic you can start recommending. Just click the three dots icon on a story and select recommend story: 

The following menu will open. When I select my topic(s) to recommend the story to, I'll see a confirmation that I am verified for the topic: 

Once I've selected my topic, a check box to Schedule this story will appear. Check that to open the scheduling menu. Choose your time, and don't forget to Notify subscribers about this story. This will send a email notification to everyone following the topic that a new recommended story is ready: 

That's it. Hit Submit and your story is on its way to the queue! 

More information on Recommending stories. 

Have a question? Reach us at 

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