One of the most powerful things about ActionSprout is the ability to export supporter data for use with your other communication tools.

Exporting CSV Files

When you choose to export your supporter data, it will be emailed to you as a CSV file for easy manipulation and analysis.

ActionSprout uses the most common character encoding system, UTF-8, for international characters. Currently Excel is unable to read these UTF-8 CSV encoded characters, so international characters may appear as a ? in Microsoft Excel. Opening the file in Numbers or Google Docs will render these characters properly.

Please note: If your file size is rather large, (half a million people or more) your export will be queued and delivered via email once it’s processed and ready for you to download. This may take up to a few hours depending on list size.

Types of Exports

Exports come in two types:

People Exports

People exports happen under the People section of your account. The data in these exports centers around individual supporters. This data is helpful when you want to learn how engaged and active your supporters are or want to answer supporter centric questions. 

Action Exports

Action exports happen under the Social Actions section of your account. The data centers around the social action. This data is helpful when your questions pertain to a particular action. How many people have taken action? When did they take action? What sources brought in the most signatures?

This data can then be exported from your list of actions like this: 

You can also export it from the Editing screen for an action, under the small People tab:

Have questions about exports or your date? Ask us at 

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