Our custom tag feature lets you assign supporters a descriptor that will then stick with them throughout the ActionSprout app and data exports. This will help you and your team better keep track of how different people have engaged with you, for more efficient and effective targeting.

How to Apply Tags

Open Social Actions in the left hand menu. Then select People:

The following screen will open. Click on a person to tag them. A menu from the right should open, where you can Add tags at the top:

What kind of tag can you add? Anything you’d like, as long as it's 255 characters or less! Each person can have unlimited tags. So really, the sky's the limit.

How to Filter by Tags

Once you've assigned tags, you can then filter your supporters by those tags. 

Open People and then All People. See the Tagged With option at the top? Click on it.

This will open a dropdown of all your current tags. Select the tag of your choosing to see everyone you've given that tag.

Use Cases

The ways you can group your supporters are practically unlimited and will vary by organization. But here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

  • Tag your volunteers

  • Tag any known trolls or troublemakers

  • Tag your employees

  • Tag known influencers

  • Tag active Facebook fans

  • Tag MVPs

  • Tag celebrities for your cause

Now go start tagging, and have fun with it 😁

Have any questions? Contact us at info@actionsprout.com 

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