Looking to collect donations from your Facebook supporters? ActionSprout offers two different opinions to go about that.

You can either create an action focused specifically on donating (we call that an "upfront" donation action) or you can offer a donation ask as a follow up to another action (known as an "upsell" or "post-action ask").

One is a more direct approach, while the other capitalizes on the momentum of supporters already engaging with different social actions.

Let's take a look at a specific example and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Upfront Donation Action 


  • The donation request is the first thing supporters see when they click on your action.
  • It's highly engaging to audiences that are ready for the next step with your cause! 


  • If your audience is not ready to donate, this is a hard ask.
  • You could lose supporters who would otherwise complete a social action on your behalf, but who aren’t ready to give yet. 

Post-Action Donation Request (Upsell)


  • The request is softer. They've just signed a petition or taken some other action for your cause, and now you're asking them to give their financial support.
  • This works well for audiences who are not quite ready for a direct donation ask, but once you already have their attention and info, they're less likely to turn away.


  • The donation request is the last thing supporters see, so you may have lost them by then.
  • Some supporters may close the window before they even see the donation request.

As you can see, both options have their value, depending on the urgency, message, audience, and cause. We recommend experimenting with both to see what works best. And keep experimenting... because what works best now may change as your audience and needs refine and grow.

Have questions about fundraising on Facebook? Ask us at Info@actionsprout.com 

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