Any time you post something that entices a click, completion, feedback, etc, it's helpful to know who found it engaging and how you reached them. Then, you can use that knowledge to better craft and direct future posts.

So how can you easily find that information? By adding bit of tracking code to your Social Action link. 😀

I can hear some of you now. "But I'm not a coder!" Don't worry. It's super easy.

Adding Simple Source Tracking 

All you need to do is add /?source=[insert tracking term of your choice] to the end of the Social Action's URL you'd like to track.

For example, if I have a Social Action link as follows: 

and I want to specifically see who clicks on it via Twitter, I can change the link to: when I share it on Twitter. 

Then, whenever someone clicks on that link to take an action, I can tell I got their attention because of my Tweet.

Or let's say my friend Shawn wants to post it as well, and I want to see how much engagement I get via his audience. I could create the following link for him: 

This will then record who specifically took action because of his posting.

Accessing the Source Information

To see your source info, request an export of your Social Action data from anywhere inside the app. Then, when you receive and open your export, you'll be able to see your results by source code. Just look all the way at the end of the csv file in the Source column.

It will look something like this: 

If the Source is “Shawn,” that means the person who took this action did so as a result of Shawn’s link. If the source is Twitter, they took action because of your Tweet.

Pretty easy, right? Look for patterns over time. Do Shawn's contacts like posts that tell a story? Are your Twitter followers compelled to click on great pictures? Then you can better target what you're posting where, and even how you're getting those particular supporters' attention.

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