So you've created a Social Action in your ActionSprout account, and now you want to get the word out. Naturally, your blog or website is a great place to reach the people who care most about your cause. But how do you get your Facebook Social Action from over here to over there?

We can help with that! The ActionSprout tool makes it easy to embed those Social Action right within your site.

How to do it

To get started, open the Social Actions section of your account and click the green Share button next to any action that you'd like to embed on your website:

In the menu that opens, scroll to the bottom until you see Embed this action on any website. Then click the Copy Link button:

You’ll copy this code and paste it into your blog or website. It will look something like this:

Example Code
<script src=""></script>

Please note that when entering this embed script into your webpage, you'll need to paste it in as code or text. Most web editors offer a text or HTML option where you can paste code in. 

You may also see the option to include a "code block" or "code snippet" where you can paste it in:

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • Your website or blog must support <script> tags in order for this to work.

  • If you have a WordPress site, double check that enabling HTTPS is switched ON in your settings. 

  • If the width of your embed item is less than 500px it will cut off some of your content on the right hand side.

  • If your action is long (e.g. a tall image or long description) then the Share prompts may appear in the middle of the page (which may require scrolling down) instead of showing up directly under the user's current view.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Reach us at 

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