Sproutlets "piggyback" on article links you share with your fans on Facebook. They act as a footer of sorts to encourage further supporter engagement. So any time you share a news story or blog post that points away from your organization, you still keep that line of communication going with your supporters. 

Supporter name and email address are captured for everyone who completes the action by clicking one of the footer buttons and following the steps on screen. 

Here's an example of one in context:

Intrigued? Want to create your own? Then read on!

How to Create a Sproutlet

There are two easy ways to do it...

Open the Social Actions section of your account, then click the green Create Action button at the top of the screen.

At the bottom of the menu you'll see the Sproutlet option. Paste in your link and click Create.

You’ll be dropped into the Sproutlet Editing screen where you can further customize your Sproutlet. Once you’re happy, click the green Share button to share your Sproutlet on Facebook.

While browsing your Stories feed, you can quickly share content as a Sproutlet by clicking the Share button. Scroll down in the Sharing menu until you see Share as Sproutlet. 

There you’ll see a drop-down menu full of shortcut options or the option to create your own custom Sproutlet.

After clicking the Create Sproutlet button, you’ll be taken to a screen to edit and confirm your Sproutlet. Once you’re happy with it, simply click the green Share button.

Please note: The Sproutlet option will not be found on Facebook.com links, actionsprout.io links, youtube.com links, or any webpage that does not allow iframes.

Sproutlets vs Traditional Actions

You’ll notice that there are some key differences between Sproutlets and traditional ActionSprout Social Actions.

The action title, image, and description only appear on Facebook. Unlike normal actions, your title, image, and description only come into play in the Facebook News Feed. Once a supporter clicks on your link, they will only see your call to action and action button(s) at the bottom of the screen. 

When do Sproutlets NOT work?

You can't use a Sproutlet in the following situations.

1.) Bad URL. If your URL points to a 404, a server error, or a broken domain, a your Sproutlet won't work.

2.) If the website blocks iframes. Some websites prefer us not to use their links in Sproutlets. If your URL points to one of these websites, a Sproutlet can't be configured. The best way around this, is to keyword search for the same story covered by a different website. 

3.) If the content isn't a link. Images, videos and other multimedia cannot be used. 

If you have any question, please contact us at info@actionsprout.com. We're happy to help.

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