A tag is a word or phrase you can apply to a Social Action inside your ActionSprout account to make it easier to hunt down and find later. They can save you a ton of time. But don't take our word for it. Experiment with them and see for yourself! 

Note: Your supporters can't see these tags, and they don't influence who sees your posts on Facebook either. They're completely for your internal use!

How to apply a tag

 Open Social Actions, found in the left hand menu:

Next to each Social Action that you and your team have created you'll see a Tags option. By default, each action will start with a single tag listed, which is the "type" of Social Action it is. To create your own tag(s) click Edit Tags:

Now type in the tag you'd like to apply and hit Enter on your keyboard. To add more tags, simply click Edit Tags again. To delete tags, click the X next to the tag.

Once your tagging is complete, click on a tag to view only the actions that have that tag. This is a quick and easy way to sort and organize a long history of Social Actions by subject, campaign, project, etc.

Tags are also visible and editable once you have selected a Social Action to work with:

Workflow solutions

What are some ways that tags can help streamline workflow and make your life easier? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use tags to assign staff members to certain Social Actions. Now when Jessica logs in, she can click on her tag and see just the Actions she's working on.

  • Use tags to label whether Social Actions need review or are approved.

  • Use tags to label which Social Actions need to be re-posted to Facebook again. 

  • Use tags as notes to yourself.

The possibilities are endless really! Tags are completely open-ended, too, with no maximum number to limit you. So go crazy and get organized!

Have questions? Reach us at info@actionsprout.com 

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