With a global pandemic upon us, even the most basic things have changed overnight — so our tactics for connecting with people will have to adapt faster. 

It’s likely that many of us won’t be able to get out into the physical “field” for months, and face-to-face interactions frequently won’t be possible. This is simply our new reality. Given these restrictions, Facebook will be one of the best available replacements for campaign activities that would typically involve in-person work. 

In order to better support the efforts of the dedicated people at nonprofits, NGOs, causes, and political campaigns who are now working from home, we have made a few significant changes to ActionSprout’s offerings. 

  1. We are extending our nonprofit grant program to any nonprofit or NGO anywhere in the world — so they can now use ActionSprout completely free of charge. 
  2. Political consultants and agencies managing political Facebook pages that don’t qualify for a nonprofit grant can now purchase ActionSprout Premium plans in bulk at a 50% discount for their clients. Contact us to learn more about this offer.

Additionally, we’ve been working on several new community-building tools, and we realize that these features will be even more urgently needed under the current pandemic conditions. Therefore, we’ve fast-tracked them for immediate release and will be improving them over the next few months. These tools include: 

  • Comments management, including toxicity scoring and the ability to automatically hide new comments from known trolls
  • A new mobile app (Voices by ActionSprout) that lets you organize a network of digital volunteers to support your social media efforts. 
  • Simplified reporting for Facebook ads run through ActionSprout
  • Targeting for 6,500 state house and senate districts so that you can reach exactly the right voters with Facebook ads
  • Private topic feeds to help facilitate the sharing of content among closed networks. 
  • Enhanced social action polls that make it easier to find out what your audience cares about and grow your email lists. 

We have even more features in the works and, most importantly, a team of caring experts who are ready to help you with any questions you might have. We really do respond to our help lines — and quickly! So drop us a line at info@actionsprout.com, and we’ll all get through this together. 

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