Since ActionSprout is a Facebook-integrated Page app, our tools and services hinge on access to your Facebook Page to work. That access is given by permissions that you control.

Of course, the more permissions the app has, the more you can do with it!

To get started, log into ActionSprout and select Facebook Permissions in the left-hand menu under your name and image: 

On the following screen, you'll see the list of Facebook permissions that you can authorize or revoke from the app. 

Note: If you see a blue Authorize button to the right of the permission, you have not yet granted ActionSprout this access. 

Let's look at what each of them means 😀

Public Profile

(This permission is required to use ActionSprout.) 

This permission tells us who you are. With this authorization, you're simply letting us see the name and email address that you use to access your Facebook Page.

Manage Page 

(This permission is required to use ActionSprout.)

This permission lets us see which Facebook Pages you have permissions to edit and post to. It confirms your authority to manage that Facebook Page via ActionSprout.

Read Page Insights

This permission lets us pull insight data from your Facebook Page. It allows us to provide powerful metrics, scores, and averages regarding your Page, which can help you make more informed decisions.

It also allows your Timeline tab to operate inside your ActionSprout account. In the Timeline tab, you can check the overall health of your Page, see what’s working, find out what's not, and get ideas for how to improve it.

Publish to Pages

This allows you to post to your Facebook Page from within the ActionSprout app. With just one click, you can post your finished action to Facebook or share a trending piece of content via our Inspiration feature.

Without this permission, you'll need to manually take the actions and content from your ActionSprout account and post them separately to your Facebook Page.

Manage Ads

This allows a couple of different things. First, you can quickly boost any of your posts via the ActionSprout tool, with the need to create an a separate ad or even go through Facebook ads. Second, you need to grant this permission if you want to use our Smartads tool. It creates ad campaigns inside your connected ad account, places ads for you, and manages your ad spending. Quite handy!

Manage Businesses 

Allow ActionSprout to access your Facebook Business Manager account for the purpose of accessing your ad accounts. 

Find more information on why we ask for Facebook Page permissions here.

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