Do you have teammates that help manage your Facebook Page? You can add them to your ActionSprout account at no extra charge!

The following is a video that will walk you through the process. Or keep scrolling to read the written instructions.

Adding a Teammate 

To get started, login to your ActionSprout account and select the Facebook Page you’d like to add the teammate to on the Accounts page.

Click the Account Settings option to the left and then select Teammates under it:

From the teammates screen click the green Add Teammate button in the upper-right corner.

This will open the following menu, where you can invite teammates to join you: 

Copy the link at the top and share it with your teammate. You can send it via a email, chat message, or however else you and your team communicate. Once they receive and follow the link, they will be directed to create their personal login for ActionSprout and have access to help manage your Page. 

Please note: The invite link will expire after 24 hours and will let anyone with access to the link get into your account. So please be careful with it!

Removing a Teammate

To remove a teammate from your account, open the teammates menu as shown above. Find the teammate you wish to remove and click the "X" next to their name and image.

That person will then lose access to all data and content stored inside your ActionSprout account. They will no longer receive account notification emails as well. This will not remove any permissions they may have on your Facebook page directly through Facebook. 

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