Voices empowers your organization, supporters and volunteers to work together like never before! Send quick and easy, yet powerful appeals directly to supporter’s phones, asking them to like, comment on, or share your Facebook content -- organically spreading your message and content with others in their networks.

The following is a video walkthrough of the Voices app. Keep scrolling to read the written instructions.

You'll find Voices in the menu on the left-hand side of your ActionSprout account:

Getting Connected 

Once you click that Voices button, you'll see the following box at the top of the screen.

The invite code shown in the box is unique to you, and is the most important piece of getting started with Voices! This code is how you will invite others to join you and help spread your message and content. Just click Copy Invite Code: 

You'll use ActionSprout to run your network of Voices, but your individual digital volunteers will receive your appeals for help through the mobile Voices app.

You can direct your volunteers to find and download the free app under the name "Voices by ActionSprout" through either the Apple app store (for Apple devices) or the Google Play store (for Android devices). 

When you've shared the invite code with a supporter, they can enter the code into their Voices app. Supporters will log into the app using their Facebook login, click on the person icon at the bottom of the screen, paste the code into the box under Join a new group, and then click Join Group: 

Once they do that, they are immediately connected, and will see your appeals under the inbox icon inside their Voices app. 


You can see everyone who has entered your invite code into their Voices app by clicking on the People dropdown under the Voices tab in your ActionSprout account

There I am at the top of the list! This is everyone your appeals will be sent to when you push them out. Under each name, you can see how many appeals the person has completed for you and how long ago they joined: 

Sending Appeals 

There are several ways to send an appeal, depending on the type of content you want your network to act upon. 


From your Timeline, you can send any published post as an appeal to your network of Voices

Choose a post you'd like to create an appeal from and click Send to Voices: 

This will open the following interface. Type in your appeal message and hit Send to Voices: 

Your network of volunteers will see your appeal like this inside the Voices app: 

Social Actions 

Social Actions can also be pushed as appeals. Click on the Social Actions tab in the menu on the left-hand side of your ActionSprout account: 

With each action you've created, you'll find a Send to Voices button inline with the other options: 

If you have an action open, you'll find a green send to voices button at the top of every page: 

This will open the same appeals interface as you saw with the Timeline option. Again, just fill in your message telling your volunteers what you'd like them to do and then hit the green "Send to Voices" button at the bottom! 


Lastly, you can also send Facebook comments to the Voices app. Find Comments in the left hand menu of your ActionSprout account. From there, you can click the Send to Voices link on any comment: 

Once again, this opens the same appeals menu as above. 

Media Appeals

You can also ask volunteers and supporters for images and video. Select Voices from the left hand menu. Then click the green Create Appeal button on the resulting page.

This will open the following menu where you can choose which type of media to ask for.

Then, write up your appeal and hit the send to voices button.

As supporters see and respond to your appeal, you'll see images or videos roll into your ActionSprout account.

You can also select media gallery from the left hand menu to view all collected images and videos in one place.

Your Appeals 

To view all the appeals you and any teammates have sent to your network of Voices, go to Voices in the left-hand menu in your ActionSprout account, and select Appeals in the dropdown menu. 

Here you can review the engagement rates of your appeals, edit your appeal messages, or delete appeals you no longer need. 

Examples of appeals: 

  • Ask supporters to “seed” new Facebook posts with engagement. Early engagement increases the post’s reach without ads. 
  • Ask supporters to leave a positive comment. A healthy comment thread encourages more of the same. 
  • Ask supporters to reply to comments and start conversations that can change minds. 
  • Share petitions, polls, events and more with supporters to complete or RSVP. 

Check out our companion piece for supporters using the app too! This is a great resource to share with folks you share the invite code with.  

Have questions? Reach us at info@actionsprout.com 

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