To get started, log into ActionSprout and select your Facebook Page from the Accounts screen.  

Applying for the credit 

Click Account Settings in the left hand menu. The click Credits: 

That's going to open the following screen. Please fill in the required information under Your Information: 

When you are finished, click Save at the bottom: 

Receiving the credit 

When we have received your information, we will issue you a credit card with the ad credits. This will appear under the Credit Cards section on the same page:

This is also where you can view your remaining balance on the card. 

Applying the credit to your Facebook ad account

Log into your Facebook Ads account. Click on Settings in the left hand menu: 

Then click on Payment Settings: 

First, make sure you have the correct ad account selected in the top left hand corner. You don't want to accidently apply the credit to the wrong account! 

Once you have that verified, click Add Payment Method under the Payment Methods box and enter in your ad credit credit card information. 

You'll find all the needed information inside of ActionSprout. Just click Toggle Card Details: 

Using the credit and setting a spending limit

As Facebook ads are placed, your ad credit will be automatically applied to the balances due. To ensure you only use the ad credits received to pay for ads, make sure to set a spending limit inside your Facebook ad account. Set it t the amount on the card, and all ad spending will automatically stop once you are out of credit funds.

Checking your remaining balance 

You can view your remaining ad credit at anytime inside the ActionSprout app. 

Open Account Settings, then click on credits. To the right of the screen you should see your remaining balance under Credit Cards: 

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