We cover ActionSprout activation links here at large. This guide will focus on the private story feed aspect of activation links. 

The following video is a complete walkthrough on joining and using a private story feed. Keep scrolling to read the written explanation.

Once you have your activation link, and have applied it to your account, it's time to look at your new private story feed. Just click on Stories in the left hand menu:

You'll be automatically subscribed to the story feed, so it should be the first thing you see when opening Stories: 

You'll also find it at the top of the Topics menu: 

Under the Recommended For You section: 

You may also search for it at the top of the screen. Just start typing in the name of the feed and it will appear.

Now you can find and share some of the best content related to this topic! 

Have questions or want to connect? Please reach us at info@actionsprout.com. We're always happy to help! 

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