Get started by logging into your Google Analytics account.

Click on Admin in the lower left hand menu. Inside the Admin menu, you'll want Property Settings in the middle column:

If you have a Google Analytics Property you want to use, just click on Property Settings and copy the UA Tracking ID like this: 

Otherwise, you can create a new tracking property by clicking on blue Create Property button in the middle of the screen: 

You can also toggle between different tracking properties by clicking the down arrow icon just below the create button and above Property Settings. (Please see above.) 

Now that you have your UA Tracking ID copied, log into your ActionSprout. 

Open Social Actions and select the action you'd like to track. Inside that action's editing menu, click the Integrations button: 

Paste your UA Tracking ID into the provided box and click Resync Intrgations: 

Each Social Action will be tracked individually, so paste your UA Tracking ID into each Social Action like shown. 

Next, you'll be ready to view and use your resulting data. 

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